Vergence provides human resource solutions for the healthcare and technology sectors.  At Vergence we pride ourselves in having the best people within their given industry segment.  We believe at the end of the day people are the single most important factor to any businesses success.  Vergence will provide the best people for your current situation and stand behind our promises.

Vergence is a growing Information Technology & Healthcare staffing and services organization with Corporate Headquarters in Indianapolis, IN. Our leadership team has a combined 50 years of experience supporting some of the most tech-savvy organizations and largest healthcare providers in the country. This invaluable experience allows Vergence the ability to meet the needs of our customers on a position by position and project-to-project basis ensuring these needs are met in a timely and cost effective manner.

Vergence offers an extensive range of Information Technology & Healthcare solutions customized to fit the needs of an ever changing and complex business and healthcare environment. At Vergence, we are experts at optimizing Information Technology & Healthcare resources by using proven methodologies and time-tested best practices.

Our experience with a diverse group of customers across a variety of industries, State government agencies, and Healthcare providers enables us to provide solutions specific to our unique customer needs. Vergence provides solutions and services through a wide range of delivery options:

- IT & Healthcare Staff Augmentation: Providing IT consultants and Healthcare professionals on a time and material basis.

- Strategic Consulting: Providing seasoned key project specialists who can provide strategic technical direction to a project.

- Managed Project Services: Taking full responsibility for the management and delivery of a customer’s project either off-site or on-site.